Woman has a good laugh after finding post-it note on dress she liked in Tesco

Woman has a good laugh after finding post-it note on dress she liked in Tesco

A woman has shared how she and her sister were left cracking up after finding an amusing post-it note on a red dress they liked in a branch of Tesco in West Durrington

Two Tesco shoppers say they had ‘a good laugh’ after finding an unexpected message stuck to a dress in a branch of the supermarket.

TikTok user, Billie, who posts under @BillieCait, shared a clip of herself with the dress in question, showing a post-it note stuck to the front which said it “smells”.

Billie was shopping with her sister at the time and claims they had a good laugh about the whole thing.

The 25-year-old told The Sun, she discovered the post-it during a visit to the West Durrington Tesco Extra store in Worthing, West Sussex, earlier this month.

Her sister had taken a liking to a red long-sleeved mini dress with black polka dots on it.

But when they went to find the dress in her size, they found the handwritten note stuck to the garment which read: “Smells been sprayed with Febreze.”

She then encouraged her sister not to buy that dress and find a different one.

Billie admits that they didn’t actually smell the dress to confirm whether or not the message was true, as they didn’t want to.

Since sharing the video online, it has been viewed over 36,000 times and garnered hundreds of likes.

One person on TikTok replied to share their thoughts on the post-it, saying: “It’ll be a return and they’ve put that note on to say they think it’s been worn, but it’s been put out by accident.”

While someone else couldn’t help but joke: “Nothing a bit of Febreze can’t help.”

Billie responded to the comments, writing: “Gave me a laugh either way.”