Woman shares ‘best mum hack’ to open even the toughest jars in seconds

Woman shares ‘best mum hack’ to open even the toughest jars in seconds

TikTok star Lauren came up with a genius way to loosen the lids on glass jars and she shared a video of her trick with her fans, and soon she was inundated with comments from people praising her

A woman has shared the ‘best mum hack’ that will enable you to open even the toughest glass jars in seconds – and all you need is an elastic band.

TikTok star Lauren, @lauren.clutter, said that she was sick with struggling to open jars with the lid stuck on, and didn’t want to buy a specialist tool to do the job for her.

So instead, she rummaged around the house to see what she could find – and emerged with a rubber band and some determination.

Lauren said that all you have to do is wrap the band around the lid and give it a twist and it’ll just pop right off – and now her fans on social media are delighted, praising the trick as the ‘best mum hack’.

In a video, Lauren said: “”This is literally the best mum hack – if you have a jar you can’t open, just get a rubber band, wrap it around the lid and then you can open it. Voila!”

The video was popular with Lauren’s 833,000 followers and she found herself inundated with comments.

One said: “Tell me you aren’t the best mum, but not only that, you have the best life hacks.”

And another said: “Such a great tip!”

And soon Lauren replied: “Thanks! I was so excited it worked!”

Then another fan added: “Who needs school when we have you?”

Meanwhile, a man has shared a genius Christmas hack to make advent calendars out of last year’s leftovers – and it’s so simple everyone can do it.

Magician Darren Cullen, 34, watched a video about the home-made advent calendar on TikTok so decided to create his own version, and was amazed by the results.

The dad from Kent, took the cardboard insert from toilet rolls, which could be substituted for the innards of wrapping paper, and shaped them into the outline of a tree – with 25 individual segments.

Then he painted them green and filled each compartment with sweets and treats, before sealing them all off and labelling the doors with numbers from one to 25.