American woman mocked by passerby for baffling pronunciation of Greggs

American woman mocked by passerby for baffling pronunciation of Greggs

Gabrielle Marcellus has gone viral after her pronunciation of Greggs causes commotion on social media – the American woman is hilariously unaware of her unique utterance of the name of the well-loved bakery

Greggs is a firm favourite for Brits, with bakeries up and down the country offering delicious sweet and savoury treats.

And it’s not just us who love their sausage rolls and steak bakes, and tourists visiting the UK are also keen to give the chain a try.

American Gabrielle Marcellus couldn’t resist popping into a branch during her trip, and took to TikTok to tell her US followers all about her discovery.

Her video ended up getting a lot of attention, but probably not for the reasons she wanted, as fans were absolutely baffled by her hilarious pronunciation of the name ‘Greggs’.

In the video, titled ‘what what’s it called’, Gabrielle informs her American followers of the great breakfast offered by Greggs.

She boldly pronounces the chain as “GR Eggs” several times.

But before she can continue her speech of admiration a passerby corrects her, informing her of the correct pronunciation.

Gabrielle appears to have a face of disbelief as she refuses to accept the correction, ending the video looking quite puzzled at the revelation.

The video has over two million views, with many Brits in the comments amazed at what they heard.

One viewer appeared to add their own joke commenting: “Don’t forget M.C Donalds”.

While another said: “its the confidence for me”.

As well as viewers, it seems other brands had a go in chiming into the hilarious video with the supermarket Co-Op commenting: “That’s a nope from us then”.

As well as Heinz who wrote: “GReggs is a vibe”.

And Greggs themselves couldn’t resist getting involved, finding the video funny along with the millions of other voters. They posted the clip on their twitter and captioned: “This is G.R.Eggs, reporting for duty”.

Since the viral video, Gabrielle has posted another TikTok explaining the origin story of her pronunciation of the bakery.

She explains how in 2018, she had an English boyfriend and during a trip to London, they went on search for some breakfast.

She continued: “I found this one place, way back there that was called GR Eggs. He was like ‘What?’ I was like: ‘Yeah, it’s called GR Eggs and he was like: ‘What, show me, show me.’ So I literally went and I showed him this place and he was like ‘Greggs?’

“I don’t know why but for some reason I saw the word ‘eggs’ and ‘GR’ and I swore it was ‘GR Eggs.’ It’s definitely not. I know it’s called Greggs but it’s such a funny story and it’s a running joke with me and my friends from the UK. I never refer to it as Greggs because to me it’s always GR Eggs.”