Inside eerie abandoned Yorkshire farm still full of antiques and ‘creepy’ toys

Inside eerie abandoned Yorkshire farm still full of antiques and ‘creepy’ toys

Urban explorer Daniel Sims stumbled across a farm and found it was filled with old furniture, china crockery and antique ornaments – as well as vintage children’s toys

An eerie abandoned farm in Yorkshire was recently uncovered by an urban explorer from Huddersfield.

Daniel Sims, 32, stumbled across the farm after hearing about it from another explorer and found “everything left behind” inside the building – including toothbrushes, beauty products, and furniture.

The urban explorer posted a video about his findings on his YouTube channel, BeardedReality, where he showcased the various rooms that were still packed with clutter, the Daily Mail reports.

In the living room, a newspaper from 2017 was still present alongside several large paintings, an antique cabinet, and an old Philips stereo system.

While the kitchen looked as though it had been ransacked, with the kettle and assorted crockery and appliances left strewn about the room.

Daniel said: “I started seeing lots of items left around so a wave of excitement took hold as I went inside.

“I could tell it was going to be interesting to look at this place.

“The atmosphere was calm at first, however at times it became quite eerie – we would hear random noises throughout the house that put us a little on edge.”

The explorer guessed the property had been abandoned for only a couple of years, although they found old-fashioned televisions and dated furnishings throughout the home.

And among the creepiest items left behind at the property was an array of bizarre children’s toys that looked as though they had come straight from a horror film.

One wooden doll could be seen laying in a cot and had bright blue eyes that were much cleaner than the rest of her face.

While another doll made of porcelain was found in one of the upstairs bedrooms and had been preserved in its box.

Daniel also found antique items including stacks of china crockery and ornaments and an entire shelf filled with bottles of wine.

In his video, he exclaimed: “There’s got to be thousands of pounds worth of stuff here.”

What’s more, the explorer found a vintage Melotte hand-cranked cream separator, which was used in the dairy industry in the 19th century.

Daniel explored the property with his friend Steve, and the pair were “blown away” by everything they saw.

He said: “The main area that caught my surprise was in the basement where the majority of the collectables were squirrelled away and other random antiques.

“To the right people and collectors, some of these individual items could be worth hundreds.

“We were left wondering why such a place had become like this – we were blown away by everything we saw.”