How to prepare for the first sex?

If you are a younger guy, you might want to take certain steps in order to prepare for your first sex. It’s no biggie that you might not have access to the woman’s body on a regular basis, but there are certain ways to learn more about the enemy!

What to do?

First, watch some porn. In particular, teen sex movies show young girls having sex with guys just like you. This way, you get to know what kind of action you can expect in the sack.

Second, learn about various sex positions. Fumbling around with your penis like a noob is a big turn-off, so make sure that you know what you want to do and how you want to fuck your gf long before she gets in the position.

Third, consider purchasing a masturbator. This device looks similar to a flashlight.

Inside, it has a replica of the vagina. You can experience the touch and feel of the real pussy on your dick, so that you don’t freak out the first time your penetrate a cunt IRL.

As an additional benefit, you can train yourself, watching porno and making sure you don’t cum fast, helping your girl to culminate first.